Nëya & Kameko: Improvisation (1)


11:00 - 18:30



Nëya & Kameko: Improvisation (1)

Improvisation in ropes is a completely different experience than repeating the patterns. Riggers love it because they don’t have to remember complex sequences of steps and knots. Models love it because they never know what will come next and therefore they can let go of expectations and fully enjoy an authentic session. Improvisational ties often bring a different mindset for both partners, due to the fluidity that creativity enables.

You can improvise in many ways; you can make new patterns, harnesses, knots, shapes and most importantly, new experiences. The sky’s the limit.

In this workshop you will learn how to improvise, what to take care of, how to ignite new ideas and how to find the confidence to try new things. In the first part we will try chaotic/unstructured improvisation which helps with deeper understanding of frictions and knots which is very useful in the long term.

Second part will be dedicated to structural improvisation that might not seem like improv at first but it helps you to understand how to adapt any structure that you might already know to any body type and shape especially in suspension.

We will start on the floor and slowly make our way in the air. All exercises will be scalable so everyone can tie on their level and explore at their own pace. Our aim will be to gradually get the understanding of improvisational structures and bring them up in the air safely and confidently.

Improvisation can be a whole session experience or just a nice touch to your already developed style.


Prerequisites for riggers: single column tie, good rope handling, understanding frictions, safe upline management, previous experience with full suspensions

Prerequisites for models: previous experience with full suspensions, good knowledge about nerve injuries (especially how to check the hands), general body awareness

Note: switching on this workshop is not recommended

Hard facts:

Workshop time: Saturday & Sunday 11:00 – 18:30; including 1,5 h lunch break.
Cost: 350 € / couple
Language: English
Presenters: @Nëya (instagram.com/queen.of.the.hive) & @Kameko (instagram.com/kameko_epitaph)


To attend this workshop, please contact rosen-rot@outlook.at as she well be handling registrations.

Your spot will only be secured after full payment in advance.
We only have six workshop spots available, so you shouldn’t wait too long to register.


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